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Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards

Have a look below to find out what we have on offer.

Bronze Expeditions From £180pp

  • Expeditions last 2 days & 1 night.

  • You will hike, paddle or cycle for approximately 6 hours per day. This includes breaks and completing your group aim.

  • Learn essential compass & map reading skills.

  • Plan and prepare nutritious meals.

  • Camp overnight in the countryside with your friends!

  • This package includes 2 x 2 Day Expeditions.


Silver Expeditions From £280pp

  • Expeditions last 3 days & 2 nights.

  • Your expedition day will last approximately 7 hours, including breaks and working toward your aim.

  • Put the skills you've picked up at Bronze back into practice in a slightly remoter location.

  • Have more responsibility for your group and navigating in more rural countryside.

  • Don't want to walk? We offer excellent paddling expeditions for Silver Expeditions.

  • This package includes 2 x 3 Day Expeditions.

DofE Snacks!.jpg

Gold Expeditions From £520pp

  • Expeditions last 4 days & 3 nights.

  • Travel to some of the most dramatic and stunning landscapes the UK has on offer.

  • Camp overnight on fantastic campsites as well as spending one night on our private wild camp spot for your Qualifying Expedition.

  • Why not combine walking and canoeing for this expedition?

  • This package includes 2 x 5 Day Expeditions.

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